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5x5 I wait, near
a window built for two:
the free,and the captured prey.
i sit, knees bent for so long
that im crying in pain
from the unfeeling.
the window shadows its taunt.
"see through me, touch me,
but never really feel what's beyond";
a sea of broken tides, with you
upon the shore. waiting.
grant me all im yearning for,
i can't take much anymore.
5x5 i cry, near a shadow
on the wall, my own.
and it's just drowning in all such
sorrow. mirrors tell us lies, different
lights, smothered songs. same
tune but different stories.
a little boy told me so.
he leaned up to whisper in my ear.
only he wont let me down.

I just joined this community. :) I'm a newbie.

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