Angela Rae (gemee) wrote in freeversepoetry,
Angela Rae

My Most recent!


Why do things become,
what they become?
It does not make sense.
Hypocrites and liars,
aren't they the same?
I think I should know at 15.
But the World still confuses me.

Why am I told,
that I am pretty?
Why am I called fat?
How can 2 people see me,
in 2 different ways?

I don't understand why we can hate,
and love so much at the same time.
Why do some shake their heads,
at our generation,
but look back and smile,
on their hippie days.

Most of all,
How can a man drink,
and be ruined for life.
And how can another fight and regain,
Why can't I understand?
Should I?

-Angela Brown
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